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My Story

My name is Holly Neville and I have 3 young children, age 6, 13 and 15 years. I am also a military wife (retired) and a health care professional. I work as a mental health nurse in the field of addiction.  I work for the military as a mental health nurse which is amazing. I learned of Scentsy through Natalee DeYoung, a Scentsy consultant. Natalee is a military friend I met in Petawawa and we maintained contact through Facebook. Thank you Natalee for this amazing adventure.

I have a fulltime job and family, then why would I want to start selling Scentsy products?. I fell in love with their scents and products. I have spent many years purchasing home scents and plug ins, and none of them would last. I also could not find the warm and yummy scents of the season. I love the fact that there are no flames in the products because in my home with a 80 pound elderly dog, Merlin, and 3 active children, safety is always a concern. I love the fact that I can tailor my Scentsy scents to my mood.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!